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Driverless buses in Tallinn – the technological revolution has happened

Tallinn was the first city in the Baltics which introduced driverless buses for public transportation purposes.
Currently, the driverless buses are operated in Kadriorg Park and its surroundings. For now, the buses do not operate on the ongoing bases, rather they carry passengers in the specific times indicated in the schedule which is still in the process of development – the final schedule will be arranged as soon as possible according to the demand of passengers.
The main aim of driverless buses is to carry local people and tourists around the attractions of Kadriorg Park. According to director of Kumu (a museum in Kadriorg Park), Kadi Polli, it was a very good idea to bring a self-driving buses to Kadriorg.
The launch of the driverless buses is a part of bigger the Sohjoa Baltic project which is run by Tallinn Transport Department and Tallinn University of Technology. Their aim is to research and promote driverless electric minibuses as part of the public transport chain.


Photo: www.news.err.ee