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The New Riga Theater is going to be reconstructed

The historic house of the New Riga Theater on Lāčplēša iela 25 have been passed to the construction company “RERE BŪVE 1” which is going to renovate the building. Tender for development, author supervision, construction and maintenance of engineering communications for the construction project has been issued recently.
The historical importance of the building is evident – it was founded in 1922 and became a starting point for many famous Latvian actorsб film and art directors. Already for a long time, the Theater is counted as an inventible part of Latvian cultural heritage, thus, is highly valuable for citizens of Riga and Latvians in general.

Applications accepted: until January 27, 2020
Completion of the construction phase expected: 2021
Executed by: RERE BŪVE 1

Photo: buvinzenierusavieniba.lv