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90% cookies banners are wrong

Check any 10 websites and in 90% cases there will be the wrong cookies banner presented. And by wrong I mean – the user’s consent, banner tries to get, could […]

Forced SME digitalisation in times of COVID-19

Disrupted by COVID-19, businesses, citizens, and public administrations are turning to digital solutions to keep working. Digital tools play a key role in keeping society and economy operational [...]

AI powered language tools

In multilingual commercial world every tool which helps to understand or write in foreign language is highly appreciated. Almost every company in EU cannot be regarded as local any more. […]

Why is it important to determine your role in personal data processing? Controller or processor? – take the TEST

The responsibilities of each company or person in the processing of personal data depend on whether they are the controller, the joint controller or the processor. Therefore, it is very […]

7 reasons why the implementation of data protection should not be postponed

Besides the well-known and punitive fines which are stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation and which may be lethal to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), there are other risks [...]

Are workers calling for an end to the era of moving fast and breaking things?

Significant numbers of highly skilled people are leaving jobs they feel could have negative consequences for people and society. Research shows that IT workers believe in the power of their […]

Sweden has issued its first fine under GDPR

Sweden has issued its first fine under GDPR. A local authority has been hit with a $20,700 penalty for trialling facial recognition technology on 22 high-school students, whose attendance was [...]

GDPR impact on WEB privacy

The World Economic Forum values the global data economy at USD 3 trillion. According to the European Commission, by 2020 the value of personalised data in EU will be 1 […]

Using technology and software to provide legal services

A new term #legaltech, that recently has been minted, means “using technology and software to provide legal services”. What is legal technology? Skeptics see it as a threat to the […]