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Obstacle-free market entry to the Baltics.

Tailor-made legal preparation and trusting cooperation for implementing investment projects

For market entry, relevant legal and practical framework conditions are identified and the most efficient structural models are discussed. Greenfield investments, joint ventures, takeovers, outsourcing and subcontracting projects or establishment of sales structures require an accurate and broad knowledge of national and EU regulations, company law, commercial and real estate law and, last but not least, employment and tax law. Many years of experience in the region and successful implementation of a large number of investment projects are indispensable prerequisites for this.


Consultancy at the high level you are accustomed to.

A full service consulting approach by a well-rehearsed international team

Top quality, reliability and speed are standard for Klauberg BALTICS’ international consulting team and certified quality management system. A unique network in the Central and Eastern Europe region enables smooth handling of transnational projects. Success in contract negotiations, rapid settlement of transactions and resolution of disputed procedures require competence and pragmatism, because only a solution-oriented approach keeps the bottom-line in focus. Clear language, but above all openness and transparency are essential for trusting cooperation.


Experience in local markets and industries.

At home in the region.

Long-standing knowledge of markets and countries enables a realistic assessment of business risks and legal practice. In addition to core competencies, results-oriented consulting in the most important local sectors of finance, transport, life sciences and energy requires an in-depth knowledge of local legal requirements and circumstances. The experience of the Klauberg BALTICS multilingual team is trusted by medium-sized companies as well as listed corporations, international financial institutions and investment funds.


3 offices

6 working languages

1 team

Trust earned

Practice areas

Focus areas of law and industries

Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance

Dispute Resolution & Commercial Arbitration

Transport Law, Shipping, Insurance

Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Law

Energy, Renewables

Tailor-made legal preparation and trusting cooperation.
Clear language, openness and transparency.
Top quality, reliability and speed.
Handling of transnational projects.


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Legal practice publications

2020-11 Erneuerbare Energiequellen und das Netz in den Baltischen Staaten

In Zeitschrift für das gesamte Recht der Energiewirtschaft (EnWZ 11/2020) von David Sandner

2020-11 Renewable energies and the networks in the Baltic States

In: Zeitschrift für das gesamte Recht der Energiewirtschaft (EnWZ 11/2020) by David Sandner (in German)

2020-11 Theis Klauberg, chapter on Latvia, in: Immoral contracts in Europe

Von Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi, Chantal Mak, Zeeshan Mansoor (editors), INTERSENTIA. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte an office.lv@klauberg.legal  



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