Klauberg Baltics - Business in good hands.

Practice areas

Corporate law, M&A, corporate finance

We advise on incorporation, acquisition, and restructuring of enterprises, also cross-border. We solve shareholder disputes by creating pragmatic solutions and represent our clients in the courts where necessary. Preparing and carrying out complex international transactions, as well as structuring and analyzing financing, are our core competencies.

Our corporate practice includes:

  • Foundation of private and public companies, partnerships and trusts
  • Acquisitions, mergers, restructuring of companies
  • Corporate finance and capital markets dealings
  • Corporate governance
  • Shareholder disputes, squeeze-outs
  • Management buy-outs
  • Stockmarket, IPO
  • Trusts and Foundations

Intellectual property and data protection

We advise companies on the most effective protection of their industrial property, including trademarks, designs, copyrighted works, databases and regarding software licenses. The application of local IP law, as well as EU law and the WIPO protection system are part of our regular advisory practice. In addition, our advice cuts through the ever growing regulatory framework of data protection, and we devise and implement efficient compliance systems, and represent our clients before supervisory authorities.

Real estate, construction, public procurement

We advise real estate developers, investors, real estate funds and construction companies, for the realization of office- and residential buildings, industrial plants and power stations, as well as infrastructure projects. From the representation in public procurement procedures, in due diligence reviews of real estate portfolios, the analysis of real estate assets, public planning regulations and in share or asset transactions, we possess a wide range of specialist knowledge thanks to many years of experience.

Life Sciences, pharmaceutical law

Klauberg BALTICS is one of the leading law firms in the areas of Life Sciences, medical and pharmaceutical law in the Baltic States. We advise pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and medical devices producers on national as well as European regulations and industry guidelines. Our detailed knowledge of marketing and compliance policies and requirements, including related data protection issues, enables us to provide effective solutions for the practice of health care professionals and organizations.

Banking and finance

We advise banks, funds and companies in all areas of banking and finance law. Financing contracts, collateral, presenting the regulatory framework, licensing procedures and financial supervisory practice, as well as judicial enforcement are among the core areas of our activity. A prominent role in our practice is the area of corporate finance, in particular financing acquisitions and real estate transfers.

Transport, Shipping, Insurance

The transport and shipping practice of Klauberg BALTICS has grown over many years due to an increase in trade flows passing through the Baltic States. Our international team’s track record includes trade investigations, arrests and seizures, customs negotiations, and litigation. The closely related areas insurance and customs law play an important role. We assist clients in all areas of shipping law and across industries, including ship owners, charterers, cargo owners and shipbuilders.


The preparation of employment contracts, the presentation of working time regulations, compensation structures and termination arrangements are part of the Bread & Butter consulting business of Klauberg BALTICS. These include the posting of workers, dismissal negotiations and collective labor law, as well as representation before labor tribunals and regulators. We advise a large number of medium-sized companies, international corporations and foreign representations.

Insurance law

We advise German and international insurance companies on insurance contract and distribution law and represent them in litigation. We are therefore familiar with the business practice in a variety of industries, as well as the regulatory framework. A particular focus of the law firm is on maritime and transport insurance law.

Compliance and management liability

Our international team assists international companies to implement compliance systems that are effective and tailor-made in the local legal systems. In training courses a culture of legality and transparency is made acceptable to local staff and misconduct can be countered in good time. Our almost 20 years long professional experience in the region is a valuable asset to our clients, and we know what we talk about from our own practice: for more than a decade our firm operates its own ISO certified Quality Management System.

Insolvency and restructuring

The team of Klauberg BALTICS advises local conglomerates and international companies on restructuring and insolvency issues. We support insolvency administrators from Western Europe in the enforcement of claims and in the sale of assets as well as international investors in their acquisition. Thanks to many years of market experience in the Baltic States we are in an excellent position to make a realistic assessment of the risks and opportunities in an insolvency situation.

BREXIT, EU law, Competition law

For our international clientele, cross-border trade in goods and services is a daily practice. Accordingly, EU law is just as much a part of the day-to-day business as current issues related to BREXIT for the Klauberg BALTICS team. This regularly concerns problems of competition law admissibility of distribution agreements and marketing measures and antitrust law as well as representation before competition authorities and before the administrative courts in prominent disputes.

Food law and REACH

We advise a wide range of companies dealing in the distribution and production of food and drink products in the Baltic States, including a number of global brands. Through many years of experience, the team of Klauberg BALTICS is well versed in the practice of public institutions, who oversee the laws and regulations that govern food and drink distribution, advertising, production and consumption, as well as the protection of related trademarks and other industrial property. In addition, the regulatory framework related to REACH the EU Regulation on Chemicals and their safe use, is a particular focus of our practice, including the representation and support of clients in registrations and authorizations.

Litigation & Arbitration

In litigation proceedings, our long-standing representation experience enables us both in state courts and arbitral tribunals to make a reliable assessment of risks and costs. In our cross-border advisory business, issues of international private law, EU law and a realistic assessment of court practice often play an important role. For arbitration proceedings, we have an unprecedented network of the world’s most experienced arbitrators and industry professionals.

Inheritance law

We advise and represent private clients in inheritance matters as well as in negotiations between heirs and are commissioned by trustees from the UK and other countries. Entrepreneurial families trust us in succession with the reorganization of companies up to the restructuring and the establishment of foundations and family offices. As members of advisory boards we are available to our clients as advisors also in the long term.