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Why join Klauberg BALTICS Attorneys-at-Law?

We offer the skills and knowledge necessary to meet — and often exceed — the highest standards in our industry. Our commitment to delivering excellence in our practice is supported by superior IT, legaltech, and regularly audited quality management.

For us, teamwork means that contributions are valued and communication is friendly and supportive. Diversity is a key element of how we do things as a firm: we believe that people with different educational and cultural backgrounds working together bring additional and multifaceted strengths to our practice.

We value this element of our practice, as it broadens our legal and cultural exposure, usually in different languages. We advise on and coordinate cross-border projects, and our clients trust us with assignments both throughout and outside the Baltics. Building international cooperation-networks — such as those involved in the annual Baltic Arbitration Days legal conference in Riga — is a priority for us.

Qualified Lawyers

Are you a graduate in law from a state university in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania?

Trainee Lawyer

Have you graduated in law from a state university, or will you do so shortly?

Paralegal and Legal Researcher

Are you an advanced law student or graduate from a state university who would like to deepen your knowledge through research and analysis?

Referendariat or Internship

Are you a Referendar/-in or an advanced law student from a state university who would like to find out what working in an international business law firm is like?