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Focus areas of law and industries


Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Finance

The international team of Klauberg BALTICS advises international investors and funds in the acquisition of companies and assets in the Baltic States for more than 15 years. For the preparation and structuring of the corporate and financial settlement of an investment deal, we possess both the legal and industry knowledge to conduct a meaningful due diligence review, as well as the experience required to handle complex transactions. Our M & A practice also includes support for post M&A disputes, especially concerning civil liability, warranty and competition law. With our help, a German car distributor has been able to defend itself successfully after an M&A transaction against a record fine imposed by the Latvian competition authority.


Litigation & Arbitration

In litigation proceedings, our long-standing representation experience enables us both in state courts and arbitral tribunals to make a reliable assessment of risks and costs. In our cross-border advisory business, issues of international private law, EU law and a realistic assessment of court practice often play an important role. For arbitration proceedings, we have an unprecedented network of the world’s most experienced arbitrators and industry professionals.


Transport Law, Shipping, Insurance

The ports in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are in a unique geographical location to connect trade flows to and from Scandinavia as well as between the European Union and neighboring CIS countries and further afield in Central Asia and China. The international team of Klauberg BALTICS advises companies from a range of transport industries, by road, rail, air or ship. Their activities involve legal questions involving commercial law and insurance, employment, and an ever evolving host of contractual liabilities. A particular focus of our firm is on maritime law and related areas, including, Ship financing and debt recovery, Sale and purchase of ships, Ship arrests, Ship flagging, Marine and non-marine insurance, Enforcement of foreign judgements and awards, Dispute resolution in court and arbitration proceedings


Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Law

Solid experience for many years in the areas of medical and pharmaceutical law enable the international team of Klauberg BALTICS to provide optimal representation of our clients form the health sector. During more than 12 years, we have advised international pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and producers of medical devices and medicinal products in medical law, issues of medicinal trials, licensing of pharmaceuticals, distribution, hospital regulation, and EU and local regulations and industry guidelines, such as the EFPIA disclosure code. The rapidly developing areas of nursing care law and hospital law are a special focus or our research and consultancy work.


Energy, Renewables

The energy industry in the Baltic States is rapidly developing and provides opportunities both regarding conventional and renewable energy sources. We providelegal as well as business and strategic advice to energy suppliers, grid and storage operators, traders, component suppliers, and financing institutions. From project planning to construction, maintenance, and transactions, our team is experienced in the administrative procedures and legal framework of energy law, to ensure seamless project development, including defending clients’ interests in court disputes, if required.


IP & data protection

We advise companies on the most effective protection of their industrial property, including trademarks, designs, copyrighted works, databases and regarding software licenses. The application of local IP law, as well as EU law and the WIPO protection system are part of our regular advisory practice. In addition, our advice cuts through the ever growing regulatory framework of data protection, and we devise and implement efficient compliance systems, and represent our clients before supervisory authorities.